Philigence S.A. is a Geneva-based consulting, advisory and administrative firm for philanthropic services. We advise and assist donors around the world, whether individuals, family offices or foundations, to maximize the impact of their philanthropy.

Philigence is experienced in the formation and/or the ongoing management of various types of general charity and special purpose trust and foundations. Managing and supervising existing foundations, Philigence ensures that the client’s wishes are properly researched, established and respected in order to make certain that the donor’s philanthropic objectives and vision are implemented. Meaningful philanthropy needs your genuine involvement and undivided attention! Philigence provides the utmost professional service based on confidentiality, experience and ethics.

Working with Philigence will give you the confidence that:

  • Your donations are going to trustworthy and efficient organizations which we can help to scrutinize and monitor.
  • Your giving is having a demonstrable impact with important cost and time saving by using a DAF (donor advised fund) and our matching assistance services.
  • Your philanthropy is professionally structured and oriented, including the selection process, the size, the mix, the matching and the duration of grants.
  • Your vision is being achieved with professional guidance.
  • Your reputation and person are being protected and risks are being minimized whether you give in your name or protecting your privacy by giving anonymously via our services.
  • You have access to a global network of practitioners, thought leaders and other donors.

“We take care of the details so you can focus on what you do best: making a difference.”